Reactive Rover Seminar

This seminar will include information on:
  • Why are dogs reactive on leash?
  • What kind of training can help?
  • How to understand and then change behvaiors while building your relationship with your dog
  • Walking equipment and appropriate tools
  • Hands-on demonstrations 
  • Q&A
There is no registration necessary for this seminar - you may just show up, as we have plenty of space available.

This seminar will provide management strategies as well as training strategies. Our instructors will cover how you can begin to build focus in your dog, and work toward a happy, healthy, non-reactive relationship.
The Reactive Rover Seminar is also Week 1 of the 6-week Reactive Rover Class.

After the free seminar, we encourage you to consider registering for one of our Reactive Rover group classes, or consulting a private trainer for further behavior work. 

Please leave your pet at home - this is a humans-only seminar. Thanks!

Frequency & Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: SF SPCA Mission Campus


Upcoming seminar dates:

There are no sections scheduled at this time. We post sections regularly, so please check again soon!


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